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Sound off for Oct. 30

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They need to pass that law about letting us buy alcohol on Sundays in the county. Why are people so bent out of shape? I do my grocery shopping on Sunday because I work the other six days a week, and it would be nice to buy a bottle of wine. I don’t plan on going crazy. Most folks won’t.

I saw your column about Sunday voting in last week’s paper, how it happened in Liberty County and people are mad. Why? I wish they’d do it here, too. It would be helpful.

I liked the seafood festival, but I wish they’d have put those little ramp covers over all the big cables and electrical cords near the rides. We toted my grandson around in a red wagon, and it was hard to drag the wagon over all those bumpy cables strung everywhere.

We drive to Hinesville every year for their Scarecrow Stroll event and to Pembroke for the Spooktacular. Those are so cute for the kids. I wish Richmond Hill had something big like that for Halloween.

I’ll be glad when this election is over so that we can stop hearing and seeing all these campaign ads all the time.

Hey, to the guy challenging Michelle Nunn, your TV ads do a good job of bashing her, but they never specify who her opposition is. If she’s so bad and we should vote for you instead, how about telling us your name? Is it that you don’t want to attach your name to those hateful ads?

Way to go, Bryan County High, beating Jeff Davis in two overtimes. That was a great game!

Why is it still so hot out when November starts this week? It’s like Coastal Georgia just doesn’t realize it’s mid-autumn or something. The people who say global warming isn’t real need to rethink their stance.

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