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Sound off for Oct. 23
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How come, on my elementary school student’s lunch menu, it says she can have a choice of either fruit or juice? Fruit is a food, and juice is a drink. Why is it one or the other? I’d rather she get nutrition from whole fruit and skip the sugary juice.

The caller about the two traffic lights on 17 North just before I-95 hit the nail on the head. Friday was a great example, because it took me 45 minutes to get from the KOA campground to I-95, even though I could see the interstate the whole time. They never should have installed that light in front of the truck stop.

To the people who keep saying Richmond Hill needs to focus on development so we can have all the things going into Pooler now, you don’t want that. I work in Pooler, and it’s a mess. City’s infrastructure wasn’t ready for that much building. Traffic is horrible, wrecks everywhere, tiny side streets leading to big shopping centers. Plus, crime is going up.

The height requirements for the seafood festival rides were messed up. My 3-year-old daughter is 38 inches tall — I’m positive. But according to the measuring stick, she was too short for a ride. It said she wasn’t even 36 inches high, but I know she is. They need to learn how to measure.

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