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Sound off for Nov. 26

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Bryan County needs a movie theater. I think we’d have the interest to support it. Someone should look into getting that done.

Even when you have no service on your phone, you can still get through to 911. So, really, that means you do have service. Whatever the phone company is doing to let you call 911, just do that so you can call all the other numbers you need to call, too. The service is there, but it’s only for emergencies?

I understand places being closed on holidays because everyone does deserve to spend time with family. But for those of us who, for many reasons, can’t have Thanksgiving with family, I am sure glad some restaurants will be serving food. Thanks for thinking of us and working the holiday.

Please consider doing Toys for Tots or Operation Christmas Child this year, if you can. I volunteer, and I can tell you there are so many local families in need. Every little bit of help counts.

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