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Sound off for Nov. 20

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BoE, it’s kind of a rude awakening when you move to a certain area just so your child can attend a specific school, and then come to find out new districting might change everything for your family.

I applaud the Richmond Hill High administrators who motivated kids to raise money for the United Way by promising to shave their heads, and then they actually went through with it. Way to get in the spirit, educators. And great job, students, on bringing in funds.

I just moved to town, and they tell me there’s a Publix on Ford Avenue, but I have yet to find it and I’ve driven down that road pretty far. Must be a pretty well-hidden Publix.

Restaurants in Richmond Hill need to do more advertising. I just had lunch at a wonderful little bistro that I had no idea even existed until today, and apparently it’s been there awhile. Wish I’d have known sooner. I’ll go back!

I just have to say, go Dawgs! We’re going to be in that SEC title game. Just you wait.

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