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Sound off for Nov. 13

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There is a radio station in the area that began playing nothing but Christmas music the day after Halloween. That is ridiculous. I could maybe understand doing that starting the day after Thanksgiving, but we haven’t even had turkey yet. That station is no longer one of my pre-sets in the car.

To the person who said it’s too warm and it feels like Coastal Georgia doesn’t realize it’s fall – you should be grateful. I moved here from a cold, snowy region of the country, and you’d get tired of that real fast, let me tell ya.

I wish people who would like to drive under the speed limit on Highway 17 would learn to get in the slow lane on the right. You should stay out of the left lane.

Pumpkin-spice flavored things taste good no matter what time of the year it is. I don’t understand why it’s just an autumn thing. Delicious food and drinks are always in season. Beer is cold, and it’s refreshing to drink cold things in the hottest months. What if you could only get beer in summer?

Congrats to Cassandra Donaldson for being the school system’s top teacher of the year! We know what a great job you do, and now everyone else does, too! They couldn’t have picked a better winner.

I’m glad the Bark Park is open. They’ve been needing to do something like that for a while. I think it’ll get good use out of it.

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