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Sound off for Jan. 29

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Is this Super Bowl over yet? I seriously dislike both teams. Gonna be an all-streaming movie kind of day on Sunday.

I’m tired of people complaining about the board of education. If you don’t like it, hey, Savannah’s right over there, folks.

If I hear one more Northern person who moved here tell us here in Georgia that we’re wimps for complaining about what we think is cold, I’m going to buy them a plane ticket to move back. If you’re here, if you moved here, quit complaining about stuff. Cold is cold, and just because you had to shovel snow doesn’t mean you’re tougher.

A meth lab suspect in Ellabell. Nice advertisement for the county.

Big, big congrats to Mathew Suddath on his 90th birthday. His military record is amazing. We need more like him.

How many people use the Bark Park? Seriously asking.

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