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Sound off for Jan. 22

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If real estate is supposedly rebounding, how come the house I bought in 2007 is still worth much less than I paid for it? Doesn’t seem like much of a rebound to me.

Why the secrecy surrounding this “Project Honey” we keep hearing about? Maybe if you tell us what it is, local residents and business leaders can help and pitch in to bring this new manufacturer to town. Is it being kept quiet because it’s something we won’t like?

Bryan County News, I saw the story on your website about how baby boomers are about to be outnumbered by millennials in America. That is not a good thing. Welcome to the age of entitlement and laziness.

I’m glad you all had that story about the meth lab in Pembroke, but there are so many small crimes in South Bryan that don’t even get reported on. Someone does a good job of covering them up. It’s not all peachy-keen here.

Everybody has perma-scowls these days. I realize we’re all strangers, but if you happen to make eye contact with someone in a store or restaurant, just smile. Don’t immediately look away or scowl. Just be social and kind.

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