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Sound off for Feb. 12
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So, we stand to lose a bunch of SPLOST revenue, huh? That’s why SPLOST shouldn’t have been passed to begin with. We’ll pay it, but the county won’t get our money – what?

Nope, do not open the Atlantic Ocean to offshore drilling. Exploit our natural resources and mess up our coast to get oil, then what happens when the oil is gone? Who’s going to fix the mess? It’ll be abandoned.

Congrats to the kids in Bryan County who just signed to play college sports. They’re role models, and I wish them luck.

I saw your story online about possible dogfighting. Possible? Yeah, it’s real possible. I’d say it’s a problem. Keep digging.

What a nice piece about the My Grandfather’s Place barber shop. There are actually a lot of places in Bryan County with a lot of history and more unique stories than you would think. I hope you’ll feature more of them.

I wish Richmond Hill would have an annual restaurant week like Savannah and Tybee Island do. There are many good, non-chain places here that would probably participate and benefit from the exposure. Someone should organize that.

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