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Sound off for Dec. 4

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If you can, go see The Journey at Savannah Christian Church. I’ve been before and it is seriously something spectacular. You don’t want to miss it.

You read these kids’ names on sports rosters and honor rolls and such, and they don’t even sound like names anymore. What happened to Scott and Suzie? People just  make up names or name their kids after objects. These kids are going to be adults one day, trying to get jobs. Remember that.

I’m car shopping, and I’ve found that “no-haggle pricing” really just means they set a price way too high and then when you try to argue it down, they point to the “no haggle” promise. I’d rather haggle and get a fairly priced automobile.

I drove down Highway 17 yesterday and the pickup in front of me just had trash blowing out of its bed all over the place. Cups, plastic bags, pieces of paper. While it didn’t damage my car or anything, that’s unacceptable. I honked and flashed my lights to alert the driver, so I knew he knew. But he still wouldn’t stop.

Reliable transportation is important for a job, especially if you’re a manager. Having a car that always breaks down is not just a free pass to skip work. What kind of example are you setting for staffers? Find a ride or get new transportation. It’s not an excuse.

That letter to the editor in last Wednesday’s paper was crazy. Some of those bullet points were so erroneous and off the mark, it was hilarious. Learn the facts before you go preaching to everyone.

How come no churches ever have a Sunday night service anymore? When I was in college, the church I went to had a 6 p.m. Sunday Mass, and it was so handy. Mornings and Saturdays are hard for some of us because of work and children’s obligations.

Glad to see property transfers and blotters back in your newspaper. Enjoy reading them.

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