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Rotary supports schools, studens
Richmond Hill High School principal Helen Herndon applauds student Trey Thomas for receiving Junior Rotarian of the Month recently.

The Rotary Club of Richmond Hill focused recently on the needs of young people in the community with the launch of an annual Youth Leadership Award, a presentation to the Junior Rotarian of the month and a substantial charitable donation to local schools.
Bill Eberlein, Rotary president and CEO of Megateeth Fossils, presented $2,500 to support the principal funds for all five public schools in Richmond Hill.
“The Rotary Club of Richmond Hill has made a commitment to support young people, and through our fundraising efforts, we have been able to donate to the principal funds for several years,” he said.
Richmond Hill Primary, Richmond Hill Elementary, Richmond Hill Middle, Richmond Hill High and G.W. Carver Elementary schools each received $500.
“All of the principals really appreciate this discretionary funding from the Rotary Club,” said RHHS principal Helen Herndon, who accepted to the donations for the schools. “It means that we are able to assist pupils whose families cannot afford simple things, such as reading glasses and educational trips which help these young people to make the most of their school days.”
In addition, Herndon awarded RHHS student Trevor “Trey” Thomas the honor of Junior Rotarian of the Month. She said Thomas is a leader, a role model and always has a smile for everybody, and his weakness is being unable to let anyone down.
A member of the school’s football team, Thomas thanked coach Lyman Guy and said football “helps me to keep out of trouble, gives me focus and helps me to lead people.”

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