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Rescued pups in need of homes
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Charlie, left, and Lola, two dogs rescued by members of Bryan Animal Caregivers, wander in the grass outside of Cedar Animal Hospital on Friday. The dogs were found starved and ill earlier in October. - photo by Crissie Elric

Two dogs will soon be in need of a new home after members of Bryan Animal Caregivers rescued the malnourished and ill canines from a Savannah community.

According to Lauren McCraw, president of Bryan Animal Caregivers, the male and female dogs, Charlie and Lola, respectively, were found around Oct. 3 near a community on Highway 17. The dogs were found on different days, but in the same area.

“They were found starved and Charlie’s penis was highly infected,” McCraw said. “They had obviously been contained and were unable to get to food on their own. They’re both 20-ish pounds underweight and heartworm positive.”

McCraw said the dogs have been under the care of veterinarians at Cedar Animal Hospital in Richmond Hill. She said the workers there were “astounded” when they first saw the dogs.

“They were just astounded that anybody could let this happen,” she said. “At first the main concern was Charlie’s penis … the priority was making sure he didn’t die from the infection.”

Aside from Charlie’s infection and heartworms, McCraw said the dogs had some dry skin conditions and lesions. As soon as the dogs are healthy enough to receive heartworm treatments, they will receive standard injection treatments, she said.

McCraw said the group has raised almost $3,500 to take care of both dogs’ veterinary bills, although Charlie’s surgery cost was $2,800 alone.

“We’re really almost there as far as money, which is great, but now I’m just concerned about finding a home for them,” she said. “(Lola) is a little shyer of humans than (Charlie) is, but he is super loveable and friendly. When we get him healthy he’ll be a great dog. We have the ability to get them better, I just hope we can find a home for them.”

McCraw said Bryan Animal Caregivers normally doesn’t take in abused or neglected animals, but instead raises money to help people pay to have their pets spayed or neutered.

She said the group decided to help these dogs because of the “dire emergency” they were in.

“If any of us come across a dog, we’re going to do something,” she said. “The people that we are, you can’t just not do something if you see an abandoned or stray animal — we’ll normally just take them in ourselves. But these two required so much more medical attention that as individuals we couldn’t provide.”

Until both are ready for good homes, residents can donate at to help with the cost of the surgery and treatments. McCraw said anyone interested in adopting either dog can call 727-2694 and leave a message.

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