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Work had, play harder
Profile of Josh Galbreath
Galbreath is proud of the values and lessons he has learned from his family. Photo provided
Josh Galbreath stands with his family. - photo by Photo provided.

Fresh out of college, Josh Galbreath, a young entrepreneur, focuses on life lessons learned from his family and the desire to work hard and play harder.

Born and raised in Richmond Hill to a well-known family of business owners, Galbreath recognizes the challenges he has faced and acknowledges he didn’t quite expect the career path he is on. More than a career and more than a young entrepreneur, it’s about a life’s view. Work hard, play harder and enjoy family and friends as much as possible. A desire that many have lost sight of and one Galbreath plans to cling too.

Growing up Galbreath meant working with local business owner and father Larry, owner of Galbreath and Sons.

"I remember working with my dad when I was around 8 years old. I wasn’t doing much more than getting tools, but I really thought I was doing something," said Galbreath.

Work ethic runs in his blood.

Larry was determined to include his sons and to set an example of working hard but still finding the time to make time for those you love. The reality and lesson learned at a young age of owning your own business is tough but there is a great sense of responsibility that comes with having people’s livelihoods fall on your shoulders.

During Galbreath’s senior year at RHHS while he was completing his second year at Armstrong State University, the world of inflatables became a more dominant fixture in his life.

After graduation in 2014, Galbreath geared up to complete a degree in construction management from Georgia Southern University.

He also began renting out inflatables on the side to earn money, as suggested by his mom, Mindy.

"My plan was always to go into construction. Then 10 hours a week turned into 40 hours a week. I finished my degree because I was too far in it not to complete it. I didn’t want to jump on another boat while this one is floating. I plan to go into construction later down the road, but for now I will continue down this path," he said.

With a passion for hunting and fishing this flexibility comes in handy.

Galbreath spends the winter months as a guide at Dorchester Hunting Preserve with his tracking dog. Being in Richmond Hill, surrounded by family and friends, is where he plans to stay and live.

The small-town vibe and dependability from other locals and businesses is priceless to him. Being able to "blow up fun" is work and fun right now.

Seeing the looks on the faces of those expecting him is one of the best parts about this line of work. Of course, he admits, they certainly don’t feel the same when he arrives to deflate the units. Despite it, the work is hard and the rewards are great. He feels fortunate enough to have played a role in many local events, school functions and non-profit fundraisers such as Warriors for William.

"As I get older I see how smart my dad was when he told us to not make business decisions on a whim. This applies to life and work. Think about what you really want to do. Take time to sleep on it if you have to," said Galbreath.

Making decisions and having someone to trust along the way is helpful. Having best friend and right-hand man, Jacob Combest by his side makes working fun and memorable.

"I have to be willing to answer my phone in order to get the business, you have to make new loyal customers every day to grow your business. Even if I am on the boat I stop and answer a call. It is always about working hard," said Galbreath. With no plans of slowing down, he hasn’t lost sight of his "work hard, play harder" mentality and seizes any moment to be with family and friends. Galbreath was challenged by his father to be creative, think outside the box and pave his own way. He feels like he is doing just that.

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