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RHHS 2015 Homecoming king and queen
RHHS 2014 Homecoming Queen Diana Malave last e with hyphen and 2015 Queen Kerri Hardy picture provided
RHHS 2015 Homecoming Queen Kerri Hardy, right, stands with 2014 Queen Diana Malave. - photo by Photo provided.

Kevin Zhu: Richmond Hill High School senior Kevin Zhu has a 4.0 GPA and is in line to be the valedictorian in a class of 441.

“This could change, but for now I am No. 1,” he said.

With numerous awards and accomplishments, Zhu is proudest of the Governor’s Honor Final which put him through an intensive screening process and shows his aptitude in science as well as his desire to continue in the field. This honor put him in the top 2 percent of students in Georgia.  

This along with being named a University of Georgia merit scholar prove that Zhu is on top of his game and among the best high school students academically.

When Zhu learned of his nomination for 2015 homecoming king, he was shocked and amazed.

“First of all I didn’t know that many people knew who I was. I never thought of myself as popular. I’ve been so focused on academics and sports, popularity was always second. In truth, this is what makes this awards so special,” he said.

Besides his academic career and recognitions, Zhu has pursued cross country and tennis. Last spring, Zhu and the RHHS team did well at the Armstrong State University tournament.

“I am a competitive person. It meant so much to me that I could go to a tournament and place high. Both for myself and with my teammates,” said Zhu.

His activities include the math team, tennis team, cross country, Beta Club, National Honor Society, Science Olympiad and Interact Club. One of the greatest challenges he has faced over his past four years has been managing his time.

“Trying to keep up with everything from school to sports and a job; having time management is hard,” Zhu said.

When he is not working on class work or playing sports, he works about 10-12 hours each weekend at Kroger.

From homecoming king to future graduate, Zhu is ready to further his education at either of his top two selections. Duke University and Georgia Tech both have top engineering programs. Zhu plans to double-major in biomedical engineering and computer science.

He offers this advice for his fellow students.

“To be yourself! That is the most important lesson I’ve learned here at Richmond Hill High School,” Zhu said.

With the full support of his family, Zhu is ready for the future.

“My parents are my biggest inspiration,” he said. “They work so hard all the time. I look at them and ask, ‘Why can’t I do that too?’

Kerri Hardy
From one military town to the next, the Hardy family left Frederick, Maryland, and made Richmond Hill home in 2003. Richmond Hill High School senior Kerri Hardy is not only active in her school and community, but a young empowered leader with a clear goal for her future.

When she is not volunteering at the homeless shelter or teaching at church, Hardy is devoted to the Young Democrats Club, where she currently serves as president. She also is president of the senior class and has participated in chorus, marching band, color guard, soccer and student council.    

Besides her extracurricular activities, Hardy is writing her first book. With the working title, “Music of Life,” Hardy plans to tell the story of a girl who experiences great trials in her life.  Claiming to be an atheist, she experiences adversity and finds herself and her faith. She doesn’t find religion; rather, she finds God, discovering that there is, in fact, a divine presence in the universe. It is a story of the girl’s self-discovery that shows above all that there is reason to live despite all she’s been through.
Hardy recently added homecoming queen to her list of accomplishments at RHHS.

“I try to be kind to everyone. I feel I won Homecoming Queen because people genuinely cared for who I am — a kind person. It was more than just a popularity contest,” she said.

The special honor will go down as one of her greatest memories to date at Richmond Hill High.

“When I got crowned, it was pretty awesome,” Hardy said.

After graduation, Hardy plans to attend Agnes Scott College in Decatur. With plans of becoming a lawyer for the United Nations, Hardy knows the women’s college will be the perfect place to maintain focus and stay on track.

“They have a program called Summit where you can go abroad and learn in other countries,” she said.

Already accepted and eager to get on her way, Hardy is cherishing the rest of her time on the Hill.

“Care for others while living your own life is one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned at Richmond Hill High School,” she said.

Hardy keeps her focus on finding the balance between caring for others while not allowing their problems to consume her.

“My greatest inspiration is God,” she said. “There are so many things I would not have been able to accomplish with my own strength. Knowing the sacrifices he made for me inspires me to be a better person and love others.”

Over the years, she said, she has witnessed her parents overcome adversity and continue to persevere. Her faith in God and the example set by her parents is what ultimately fuels Hardy to strive for her goals.

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