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Q&A with Mary DeLong, Rich DeLongs mother and Suites at Station Exchange resident
Mary DeLong has been under the care of her son since 2007. She now lives happily at the Suites at Station Exchange. Photo by Evelyn Fallon
Mary DeLong has been under the care of her son since 2007. She now lives happily at the Suites at Station Exchange. - photo by Photo by Evelyn Fallon

Q: What is your name, and how old are you?
A: Mary DeLong, (will be) 87 in August of 2016.

Q: What was Rich like as a little boy?
A: Rambunctious — loved everything and loved to sing.

Q: Are you surprised he ended up working in senior living?
A: Well, in a way, that I am with him. I never thought I would be with him at this age.

Q: What did you think he would be when he grew up?
A: I thought he would be a football star.

Q: What about Rich makes you most proud?
A: I am most proud of his accomplishments and how he treats people, the way he lives and portrays himself. I am so proud of him, and I wish his dad was here.

Q: What has it been like living at the Suites?
A: This is a marvelous place to live. It is like home, and everyone is friends here. Everyone participates. I just think everyone is wonderful. There is so much to do. He has a good staff; they are wonderful.

Q: Who does Rich remind you of?
A: He reminds me of my father. He never knew him; my dad died when I was 12 years old. His character and his work ethic. My dad was in politics, and he had a business. After retirement, he went to work on a farm. I wish I had been older so I could help more. He was there for anyone who needed him.

Q: What was your professional career?
A: Worked in retail for 20 years, and then I went to modeling school. I modeled in New York for two years in my 20s; I did some photography work and commercials. The most fun job I had was working at the Stork Club. It was a super club, and it is where the celebrities would go to dine. All the people that had television shows would come in after their shows. I was so glad to have that job at that time.

Q: What is your most special moment with Rich?
A: We all took a Disney Cruise together, and the family all went. I really enjoyed that because we were all together. We danced and had a great time.

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