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Q&A with Kandie Spence, local resident and advocate for Richmond Hill Montessori Preschool
Pictured left to right Griffin Mattie and Cooper Spence Photo provided
From left, Griffin, Mattie and Cooper Spence. - photo by Photo provided.

Q: What is your name and current job title?
A: Kandie Spence, chief operating officer, Georgia Skin and Cancer Clinic.

Q: How long have you been affiliated with Richmond Hill Montessori? When did you first meet Audrey Singleton?
A: I have been with Richmond Hill Montessori since 2006. I transferred the care of my two very young children (Cooper, 2 years of age at that time, and Mattie, 6 months at that time) from Savannah Christian to be closer to home. My family grew in 2008, and they began caring for my youngest child, Griffin, from 8 weeks to current. I met with multiple schools and facilities and knew almost instantly after meeting with Audrey Singleton that Richmond Hill Montessori would be our new child-care “home.”

Q: How many children do you have who formerly or currently attend Richmond Hill Montessori?
A: I currently have two children enrolled in the after-school program as they attend Richmond Hill Elementary and George Washington Carver Elementary. Mattie Spence is currently 9 years old and looks forward to getting off the bus each day at the Montessori. Griffin Spence is 7 years old, and he looks forward to the Montessori indoor playground at the end of each day. Cooper Spence is my oldest child (11 years old) and is now in middle school at Richmond Hill Middle School. He attends summer camp and school holidays with the Richmond Hill Montessori school. All three of my children attended the nursery and preschool and are currently still involved with the Montessori school.

Q: How would you describe your overall experience?
A: My overall experience with the Richmond Hill Montessori school has been nothing short of amazing! The staff and educators have become a part of our family. The school has been a part of my family for almost 10 years and have always offered structure and support. My children’s growth and development have been shaped in a positive manner through the direction of Audrey Singleton. My children not only learned curriculum but built values and memories through their tenure in the varying programs at Richmond Hill Montessori.

Q: What role does Audrey Singleton play in the experience parents and children have?
A: Audrey Singleton sets the tone for the Montessori. I truly believe she is invested in each child that is enrolled in the school. She knows their likes and dislikes and is able to better motivate positive responses through her interactions. It is an extremely personal situation allowing others to participate in the care of your children. Audrey seems to know this and fosters an environment that includes the entire family through the education process.

Q: What has been the greatest lesson your children have learned?
A: My children have learned so very many valuable lessons from Richmond Hill Montessori Preschool. I feel that one of the most valuable lessons they have learned is confidence. Beginning at a very young age, the school offers centers that allow the children to explore and find things that they enjoy. Through this, they learn curriculum that they can relate to and get excited about. This instills a sense of confidence to learn new things. Instead of dreading learning, they embrace it. All three of my children began their student careers at Richmond Hill Montessori and continue to do very well academically because they had a great foundation.

Q: What can you say to those parents seeking child care/preschool for their children?
A: I would advise other families seeking child care and preschool education to evaluate their needs and expectations as a family. Conduct interviews and research facilities to ensure they make the best decision. I would let families seeking child care know that Richmond Montessori Preschool not only offers educational opportunities, but they genuinely care about your children.

Q: What sets Richmond Hill Montessori apart from others?
A: Richmond Hill Montessori Preschool is set apart from other child-care facilities in many ways. The environment itself screams to children, “This is a great place to be.” The genuine and nurturing actions of the staff reiterate, “This is a great place to be.” The positive growth and development of the children enrolled proves, “This is a great place to be.” The staff, environment and curriculum set apart Richmond Hill Montessori from other child-care facilities.

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