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Q&A with Griffin Lewis, local builder and husband of Dana Lewis
Griffin Dana and Graham Lewis photo by Patti Todd
Griffin, Dana and Graham Lewis - photo by Photo by Patti Todd

Q: When did you first meet Dana?
A: I first laid eyes on Dana at a Relay for Life event. We walked all night long. By morning, I knew she was very special, and I wasn’t going to let her get away.

Q: What was your initial reaction when she birthed the idea of Ella’s?
A: This was a dream of hers for years. I had always heard that retail was a most difficult business. I knew she had an eye for unique things, and I supported her decision full-heartedly.

Q: How has she handled the challenges of owning a business in Richmond Hill over the years?
A: Dana seems to effortlessly do what she loves. She just does her thing, and people like her things.

Q: What is something most people don’t know about Dana?
A: Dana is really just a mom. She appears to be superwoman and career-oriented. On the contrary, she is just a mom who whimsically sprinkles pixie dust around Ella’s, Marker 107 and Pay It Forward Foundation of Bryan County. I don’t think my son Graham even realizes that Dana works.

Q: How does Dana use Ella’s to bless this community?
A: Ella’s and the Market at Ella’s is a very pleasant and inviting place. It’s beautiful and always changing. It’s fun whether its Christmas trees, pictures with Santa, pumpkins, springtime flowers, unique furniture. I think Ella’s represents Richmond Hill well. If you found yourself lost on I-95 and made your way into Ella’s, I think you would leave with a very nice impression of Richmond Hill, Georgia.

Q: What are you most proud of in regard to the amount of time, energy and commitment Dana puts into Ella’s and this community?
A: Everyone knows her and loves her. They know she has a big heart and is full of compassion. Our son Graham has that same compassion — not because he’s been taught but because he sees it with his own eyes.

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