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Lisa Ripa answers Proust questionnaire
Lisa Ripa
Lisa Ripa, owner and instructor at Awakening Yoga Studio, says she is so family oriented that perfect happiness for her is to have her husband and children all home at the same time. - photo by Photo provided.

Lisa Ripa, owner and instructor at Awakening Yoga Studio, is the focus this week of the Proust questionnaire:

1. What do you feel is your greatest achievement?
I am most proud of my marriage of (almost) 21 years to my high school sweetheart, John, and also the beautiful children we have raised!

2. What, to you, is perfect happiness?
Having all three of my kids and my husband home at the same time — a very rare treat!

3. What one material possession would you save in the event of a fire (assuming your family was safe)?
As long as my family was safe, then I would have to say my Weimaraner, Charlie. He is our baby! Otherwise, I try not to get attached to “stuff.”

4. What's the best advice you've ever been given?
The key to happiness is doing what you love.

5. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
I would have become a yoga instructor 20 years ago! Living the positive effects of practicing yoga, I can only imagine how many lives I may have improved years ago.

6. What is your greatest fear?
Roller coasters and cockroaches!  

7. What is your greatest extravagance?
Traveling — especially throughout Europe and Hawaii.

8. If money weren't an object, how would you spend your time?
I would love to travel to Africa (or other less-fortunate areas) and teach yoga to young girls. I may be able to teach them the skills to achieve inner peace, even in their most difficult moments.

9. What is your favorite thing about yourself?
I am 100 percent devoted to my family.

10. What trait do you most admire in another person?
Loving kindness and compassion.

11. What trait do you most deplore in another person?
Dishonesty and poor ethics.

12. Who are your favorite musicians?
Maroon 5, Jack Johnson, Train, Nora Jones and Alanis Morissette. And, of course, most yoga music!

13. What are your favorite books?
“The Art of Racing in the Rain” by Garth Stein and “Enlightened” by Jessica Berger Gross.

14. What talent would you most like to have?
I would love to play acoustic guitar and speak French fluently.

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