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Life on the Hill Q&A: Triathloners explain sport
Myles at the finish line in the Splashys Triathlon in Statesboro May 1 2016
Myles Hopkins runs passed the finish line in the Splashy's Triathlon in Statesboro. - photo by Photo provided.

Young athletes Quincy and Myles Hopkins explain why they participate in Kids Coastal Triathlon Club:

Q: What are your names and ages, and what school will you be attending for the 2016-17 academic year?

A: Quincy Hopkins, 11, grade six, Richmond Hill Middle School.

A: Myles Hopkins, 7, grade three, McAllister Elementary.

Q: What activities do you currently participate in?

A (Quincy): Kids Coastal Triathlon Club, Richmond Hill Summer Swim Club, practicing with Dad for basketball, play the piano.

A (Myles): Kids Coastal Triathlon Club, Richmond Hill Summer Swim Club, playing outside, playing the piano and playing video games.

Q: What made you interested in the Coastal Tri Club? When did you join the club?

A (Quincy): I joined when the club began in February 2016. I was interested because I tried a triathlon (Savannah) and wanted to get better.

A (Myles): I joined when the club began in February 2016. Running made me interested in joining.

Q: What have been the greatest challenges since joining the club?

A (Quincy): Getting through the running courses, which would make me sweat a lot, and the brick practices (running and cycling). Missing practicing because I feel that I backtrack in my progress.

A (Myles): Completing a whole triathlon.

Q: What lessons have you learned since joining and competing?

A (Quincy): There are a lot of lessons, but mainly I have learned how to control my bike and how the cadence of my running. Many tips have been given along the way from the coaches.

A (Myles): When you turn on your bike, use your left pedal. Balance your cadence when you are running. Do not cut corners when you are biking. Put the balls of your feet on your bike pedals. Quickly dry off when finishing the swimming and make sure you have slip-on shoes. Have water ready.

Q: What is your favorite part about the triathlon training and competing process?

A (Quincy): The ultimate feeling of racing past everyone and knowing that I have earned it.

A (Myles): Being active, having fun and having Gatorade and refreshments after the meets. Beating my own time.

Q: Who has helped support you the most in your journey to becoming a triathlon athlete?

A (Quincy): My mom and dad.

A (Myles): My family.

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