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Life on Hill Q&A with Lori Sharp
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Lori Sharp, a friend of Laura Lane Maia answers this week's questions:

Q. Why is Laura Lane Maia a good


A. Because she is passionate about what she does. She is very talented, loves people and takes a great deal of pleasure from making her customers feel good about themselves and their appearance.

Q. What make Laura a good friend?

A. Everything. She’s loyal, dependable and always there when someone needs her. If she says she is going to do something, you can be sure it will be done.

Q. Laura came through a difficult period in her life when she lost Sydney. How has she changed?

A. In a number of ways. She is much stronger than she used to be. She is passionate about helping other people, some of whom reach out to her and some she reaches out to. She doesn’t want another mother to go through what she has gone through. She is eager to help in any way she can. She is working every day to overcome certain fears.

Q. Why is Laura good for Richmond Hill?

A. She is wonderful for any commuity. She is a huge asset. When the hurricane came, she was in peoples yards picking up debris. She thinks of others before she thinks of herself. We’re lucky to have her.

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