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Life on Hill Q&A with Bonnie Proctor
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Bonnie Proctor, an business associate and friend of Richmond Hill Convention and Visitors Bureau Director Christy Sherman, answers this week's questions.

 Q. What qualities make Sherman a good executive director for the Richmond Hill CVB?

A. Her attention to detail. Her imagination and passion for Richmond Hill and the surrounding areas. She puts people at ease and is very easy to talk to. She is great listener and has the ability to focus in on what really matters.

Q. What are your favorite things about Sherman?

A. Her passion for her job. The fact that she is immersed in things of interest and things that will make this a better community. The CVB has a real go-getter in Christy. When she is on a mission for the city, nothing will stand in her way.

Q. Would it surprise you to know that Sherman likes classic rap music?

A. It sure would.

Q. Why do you think Sherman is interested in all things old?

A. She likes things that are vintage. They have a meaning for her. I think she enjoys sharing her knowledge and passion for antiques. She is very interested in World War II history. She is a very interesting person.

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