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Life on Hill: Q&A with BCHS principal
Crystal Morales
Crystal Morales is principal of Bryan County High School. - photo by Photo provided.

Crystal Morales, principal of Bryan County High School, answers the questions this week:

Q: When did you first meet Charlie Penn?

A: I met Charlie when he transitioned from Richmond Hill Elementary School to Carver Elementary School in the fourth grade.

Q:  What makes Charlie so special?

A: Charlie puts a smile on anyone’s face. He is precious and very funny. He makes friends easily, and his classmates love him.

Q:  Over the years, how has Charlie embraced Bryan County Schools?

A: Charlie embraces life and loves all that he does. Bryan County school students and teachers have been so blessed by Charlie every day. Words will never be able to describe the impact he has on others.

Q:  Over the years, how has Bryan County Schools embraced Charlie?

A: His classmates may not know today how his presence and friendship have impacted their lives, but hopefully one day they will recognize just how amazing and blessed they are to have him in their life. They always treat him respectfully and provide him guidance and support.

Q:  What is one of your greatest memories of Charlie?

A: I have many great memories of Charlie. Whenever he meets a new person, he gives you a name … which he will remember always. No matter what your official name is, Charlie’s name for you is very special. When Charlie and I met in fourth grade he called me “Rales,” and then he and my son were in class together and my name changed to “Killian’s mom.” For Charlie, I answer to both and love them both.

Q:  What special message would you like to share directly with Charlie?

A: I love you Charlie Penn. You are amazing!

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