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Life on Hill Q&A with Audrey Singleton
Business owner Audrey Singleton praises Josh Galbreath's work ethic and abilities. - photo by Photo provided.

Audrey Singleton, a business owner and customer, answers this week's questions about Josh Galbreath:

Q: When did you first meet Josh Galbreath?

A: Well if you’ve lived in Richmond Hill for even a short period of time it’s likely that you’ve heard or met the Galbreath’s.

Living here for 30 years now I have watched two generations of Galbreath’s carry on traditions of strong work ethic and community involvement. As the little brother in the family for many a year, Josh has not been one to shy away from those traits; but rather has innovatively created his own story.

Q: How have you seen him grow and mature over the years?

A: Even as a young man in high school, Josh was developing his plan to entrepreneurship. When most high school boys and girls are getting part time jobs at minimum wage, Josh rolled a much bigger dice.

He created a small business that generated likely as much income as many a full-time folk.

As a successful business owner Josh quickly learned that old adage "you do whatever it takes to get the job done". That’s precisely what I have watched him do. Even as he juggled college classes to complete his degree in construction management.

I’d have to say; he most likely taught a few of his colleagues and maybe professors a thing or two about business management.

This guy is a wiz at planning, scheduling, and juggling logistics for all the destinations of his crew and inflatables. I think his office likely consists of his truck and his cell phone."

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