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Life on Hill Q&A Lucky K Studio
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Luck Kelson, owner of Lucky K Studio in Pensacola, Florida, talks about working with Richmond Hill's Larry Barker:

Q: You’ve worked with a lot of nationally known artists, including John Denver, Debbie Boone, Charlie Rich and Mac Davis. How is working with Larry?

A: He is a great songwriter. His writing is top notch. When he comes to the studio, he is ready to go and very professional. I met Larry in 1968. I produced his "Genesis" compact disc. There are some very good songs on that compact disc.

He is very easy to work with. The story lines are in depth. He is not a one-story type of writer. Each piece of his music tells its own story. He puts a lot of himself into everything that he writes and performs.

When he comes to the studio, he knows what he wants. He gives me a demo that allows me to see where he wants to take the music. Then I might make some suggestions. It always seems to fall in place.

He gives me a lot freedom to find a direction. We work well together. He’s as good as any of the other artists I’ve worked with, easier to work with than some.

The way he constructs a song is important to him. It has to have a certain flow to both the music and lyrics. That’s what makes him so good.

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