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Life on Hill interview with RHHS assistant soccer coach
Coach Means and Nia Gordon all smiles.
RHHS assistant soccer coach Patrick Means and Nia Gordon take a selfie together. - photo by Photo provided.

Richmond Hill assistant soccer coach Patrick Means talks about standout player Nia Gordon:

Q: What is Nia Gordon’s greatest strength on the field?
A: Nia’s ability to raise the level of play of all the players around her.

Q: What can you tell us about Nia’s work ethic?
A: Nia is an extremely hard worker that puts in extra time on her own to get better. She does extra conditioning on her own as well as puts in time to get better with her skills (dribbling, shooting and passing). She also sets the tone of practice by how hard she works.

Q: Would you consider Nia to be a motivator for her teammates?
A: Yes, she raises the level of her teammates by setting the example through how hard she works and has become a more-vocal leader.

Q: What will you miss about seeing her as a Lady Wildcat soccer player?
A: Watching one of the best players in the country that can take over games with her abilities and willingness to do whatever it takes to win.

Q: As she moves on to West Virginia, what is the biggest piece of advice you would like to give her?
A: Never forget what got you there! Doing the little things right all the time separates the great players from the average players.

Q: What has been the greatest part about coaching a player like Nia?
A: Her willingness to work and do anything and everything asked of her. She is a humble young woman that deserves every accolade she ever receives.

Q: Do you think Nia has a shot at making it past college level soccer?
A: If she continues to work as hard as she does, the sky is the limit. I would not be surprised at all if we saw her playing for the national team one day representing us in the World Cup.

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