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Life on Hill interview with Picasso for Night painter
Debbie Hallman Richmond Hill Elementary Teacher and frequent Picasso Painter
Debbie Hallman holds one of her creations. - photo by Photo provided.

Deborah Hall, a teacher at Richmond Hill Elementary School, talks about painting at Piccasso for a Night:

Q: What is your name and current job title?
A: Debbie Hallman, gifted-education teacher at Richmond Hill Elementary School.

Q: How did you meet Carol Hartley? How long have you known one another?
A: We taught together, live near one another, and our children grew up together. We have known each other for over 20 years.

Q: When did you first experience Picasso for a Night?
A: Carol was so excited about the program that I attended it shortly after its inception in 2011.

Q: What has been your role with Picasso for a Night?
A: I began as a student, and now, I occasionally assist Carol with her classes and when she does Picasso at special events.

Q: Did you have a background in art before experiencing Picasso for a Night?
A: I did not have a background in art.

Q: What have been the greatest blessings that have come into your life from being involved with Picasso for a Night?
A: I have discovered how very much fun painting is! I now find myself looking more closely at artwork and appreciating it more. I have discovered that while producing quality paintings can be extremely difficult, enjoying the process of painting is easy! Attending Picasso for a Night sparked my interest so much that I began purchasing my own supplies, and I now have my own little painting studio at my house. Carol and I have also conducted holiday Picasso painting classes with my students, who have thoroughly enjoyed them and proudly presented their masterpieces to their parents as Christmas and Mother’s Day gifts.

Q: What would you say to those who have never tried this type of event?
A: I would share that often, students who arrive filled with apprehension turn out to have the most fun and leave surprised, delighted with their canvases and eager to share them with friends and family members. Carol offers several choices of scenes to paint for each class, ranging from very basic to more-advanced levels. For those who are apprehensive about their drawing skills, she provides stencils to help get them started.

Q: What can people expect to experience when they spend a night as Picasso with Carol?
A: People who attend Picasso can expect to leave saying, “That was even more fun than I could have imagined!” In addition to her artistic expertise, I think that the success of Picasso for a Night has much to do with its creator. Carol has a unique sensitivity to her students’ needs. She can quickly assess those who would appreciate some extra guidance as well as those who would prefer to just “let it flow” independently, and she enthusiastically accommodates both. Her love for art is contagious, and she shares a piece of it with everyone who attends Picasso for a Night.

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