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Life on Hill interview with kindergartners
Q A normal
Students gather for a group shot. - photo by Photo by Evelyn Fallon

Students in Janet Anderson and Ashley Byrd's kindergarten classes at Richmond Hill Primary School talk about spring break, vacation and what they love about their teachers:

Q: What is so exciting about the last day before spring break?
Avery McDonald: Easter egg hunt.
Q: What is a vacation?
Savannah Gilliam: When you go somewhere away from home
Will Seagraves: I’m going to Kentucky today.
Q: What is so special about this week?
Stella Burrill: It’s spring break.
Q: Why do we need spring break?
Emmalyn White: When you are at school and then you are done, you have to do spring break because you have to go back to school.
Madelyn Elmadolar: It’s probably because of Easter.
Q: How many days off do we have?
Zachary Anderson: Nine days.
Q: What’s the best part about not having to come to school?
Janelis Esteban: Stop doing your morning work ... it’s too much.
Ryann Lange: You can play with your family.
Gracie Faith Gross: My nana is coming from Maryland.
Addie Fallon: We get to celebrate Easter.
Mia Rysztak: That you get to stay home and spend Easter together.
Kalaisha Pompey: We get to bring carrots for the Easter Bunny.
Emmalyn White: Going to the pool.
CJ Mastrorilli: Spend time with your family.
Q: Mrs. Anderson, what are you most looking forward too about spring break?
A: Spending time with my family.
Q: Mrs. Byrd, what are you most looking forward too about spring break?
A: Spending time with family and sleeping in to at least 7!
Q: What has been the best part about kindergarten?
Jordan Libby: The first time I started here I didn’t even know how to read.
Q: What’s your favorite thing about Mrs. Anderson?
Janelis: Easter egg she gave us.
William Fawcett: She’s really funny.
Gracie Faith Gross: I love centers.
Kalaisha: Her laugh.
Addie: I like when she reads us books.
Q: What’s your favorite thing about Mrs. Byrd?
Ryann: Because she’s beautiful.
Mia: She’s silly.
Tori Ritsema: She always has good shoes.
Emmalyn: Mrs. Byrd helps us with our work.
Gracie: She checks our folder and morning work.
Q: If you could vacation anywhere, where would you go?
Savannah: Bahamas.
Addie: Disney World.
Josiah Djalleta: Legoland.
CJ: California.
Mia: China, because you get to eat tacos.
Stella: Hawaii.
Avery: Paris, we would get to see the Eiffel Tower.

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