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Life on Hill interview on military moves
You can reduce the hassles of moving by using the resources offered. - photo by Stock photo

Jennifer Schroeder, a local military wife, shares her insights into the challenges of a military family on the move.

Q: What are some of the challenges of facing a military move?

A: Moving when your life is set and you have to start over in a new unfamiliar place, you may not always have everything you need to make the transition smooth. Orders can change at the last minute. Taking things as they come is important. It is difficult having to deal with the unexpected (i.e., money, housing, and travel). Saying goodbye to great friends is one of the greatest challenges of all!

Q: What are some of the greatest blessings of military life?

A: Meeting new people and getting to start over. Reinventing yourself to not make the same mistakes as before or getting to excel or pursue your own career. Moving can open doors that may not have been available at a previous destination. Seeing a new place is always an adventure.

Q: What is the best advice you can offer to military families experiencing an upcoming move?

A: Take things as they come, use the resources available (FRG, sponsors, websites). Do the research; it’s a short-term inconvenience. Have a garage sale before you move to get rid of what you don’t use and stay organized. Make a family folder to keep records, birth certificates, marriage certificates, POA, orders and other pertinent information for moving on. Stay positive! We have moved four times in three years. I have become a master packer and mover.

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