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Interview with Bubba Claus
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Q: Your red-cheeked sibling from up north seems to get all of the credit these days, but we thought we’d give ol’ Bubba Claus a little well-deserved publicity this season, too.

A: Well thank you kindly. Ol’ St. Nick certainly does a good job of visiting all the chimneys and trees, but someone’s got to take care of the boats and island folks. Not everyone has a white Christmas — some of us prefer our holidays surrounded by the deep blue and maybe a fishing pole or two.

Q: How do you travel from boat to boat to bring Christmas cheer? There can’t be room for a sleigh and reindeer to land on most of the ones you’re visiting, can there?

A: Nick has the reindeer market cornered, so instead I rally up some of the local gators and we cruise the night away delivering a little southern-fried Christmas cheer to all of our favorite boys and girls.
Q: What about the naughty list? Is it still coal, or do you do leave those boys and girls something different?

A: Coal? What good is that to teach about behavior? I’m leaving the gators behind — that’ll be a nice surprise in the morning. A few hours spent wrestling that beast and they’ll be straightened right out.

Q: So what are your post-Christmas plans?

A: Catching up with the missus, checking in on Bulldog football and frying up all the fish I can catch.

Q: What’s up for the rest of the year? Do you have elves tinkering around the clock?

A: Unfortunately we haven’t quite figured out how to get the elves off the beach and into the workshop, so we keep the assembly line at the North Pole. Luckily it means that most of the year is filled with exactly what it should be — good, old-fashioned coastal living. We work hard on Christmas Eve and spend the rest of the year recovering in style — and in shorts!

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