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Alliance supports female professionals here
The 2010 WBA Board of Directors: Heather Coleman, president; Darcel Miller, treasurer; LaShonda Hartley, vice president; Sybill Dudley, secretary. - photo by Photo provided.
The Women’s Business Alliance of Richmond Hill is an organization that strives to promote the success of local businesses run by women professionals.
Michelle Englehart, owner of Skin Essentials in Richmond Hill, created the WBA in 2004 to provide women-run businesses with access to the public through unique and affordable channels.
“Standard marketing avenues are often too expensive for new businesses,” Englehart explained. “That shouldn’t prevent a business from being successful. The WBA tries to network and promote our businesses through each other. That’s our goal and mission.”
The WBA accomplishes this through educational business events, volunteerism, and word-of-mouth advertising.
“Richmond Hill is a prime area for women-based businesses,” said Englehart. “The opportunity is here to have a thriving business, and you stand a good chance of surviving if you have local organizations that promote your business to the people who need to know about it. That’s what we do.”
The WBA currently has 31 members and is accepting applications.
“Any professional woman that wants to market their business in an economical and effective way can become a member,” Englehart said.
The group meets monthly, and their meetings are open to the public. For more information, please visit
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