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Letters to Santa
Area children address the season
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Students across the county wrote down their Christmas wishes for Santa Claus. And to make sure he knows what they want, the Bryan County News is going to help them deliver their messages as quickly as possible. The following letters are from Bryan County Elementary  School students. (Letters were typed as written):

BCES fourth grade
Dear Santa,
Santa My name is Landon. I go to Bryan County Elementry School. Some times I been bad and some times good. The bad stuff I do is not cleaning my room, and making a mess and not cleaning it up. And the good things I do is the dishwasher, wiping the couner and picking up the balls and trash in the yard. I help my brother feed the dog. Clean somewhere my mom told me to.
If you can Santa I would love to have a touch screen slide phone. If you could get Me a phone I would have fun and call my friend and text my frinds. It would be just great if you could put sound actovat texting and calling. I will Do more around the house. I will be nice and get along. And last but not least I will not give my mom a hard time.
Sincery, London
PS: Santa have a merry christmas. 

Dear Santa,
You’re the best person on the earth. Santa may I have a PSP for Chrismas. The games I want is Bakugan. The ways I been good was I clean my house and I wash my cousin car. Santa I hope you come this year. My little sister believe your real and I do to. Another thing I want is paperjam and a slipandslid.
Your’s Truly

Dear Santa,
I think that I have been good because I tell the truth. I clean the house sometimes. I also do the laundrey. I feed the dog to.
I would like a four weeler for christmas if you could get me one, thank you.
Santa if you can do it I would also like a laptop. If it is not too much to ask.
Searly Makayla

Dear Santa,
The things I did to deseve the things I would like. I helped my dad do some yard work. I helped my mom with the grocerys. I helped my nanna make cupcakes. I helped water the flowers. I think I’ve been good.
The things I would like for cristmas is a webkinz. Also the Bakugan Draganoid coloser.
Also last I would like a Nerf gun.
From Nicolas Anthony

Dear Santa,
I’ve been so good I deserve lots of toys. I stay in school. I help around the house. I ride. I clean stalls and I love on my horse and I tell the truth.
I want a d.S. and a few games and a four wheeler, bord, horse, aluse, toys. To be a teacher. Guartier.
Love, Kaitlyn Danielle

Dear Santa,
I Deserve stuff because I have feed the cat an Dog. Also did good in school. I cleaned my room an ben good. I be paiont when I wait. I help people. I want a Xbox 360 an vido games an toys an stuff for my BeD. I want presents. I also want a play station. I want a PSP. I also want a good Christmas.
Love, Dylan

 Dear Santa,
I deserve to get presents because my dad and I work hard on basketball. My dad and I have to work very hard on this. We have to teach a lot of kids.
I want Pokemon and guitar lessons for chrismas. Pokemon cards are my favritate kind of toy. I have a lot of pokemon. Have a great chrismas.
Merry chrismas
Sinserly, Kristian

Dear Santa Claus,
I have been good this year. I deserve some presents because I help people do what I been told. I will leave you some cookies and milk and maybe some food fore the reindeer. I want from Chrismas is Paper Jam, Georgia boots, a new kick ball, a shoot a deer on the wii, new shoes, hot wheels, a bike helmet, a new DS, a computer in myy room, camofloge shirt, a chair on wheels for my desk, a white board, and three wheeler.
Love, Sarah

Dear Santa Claus
I have to deserve to get presents is I cleand my room. I took care of my chickens. Feed my dog, clean the bathroom, clean my living room. I was dusting my t.v. doing the dishes. Ceeping my bed neat . I put up the Christmas tree and been good.
I want for Christmas is 2 phones, camra, MP3 player, portabal DVD player, bick, makeup, bookes, movies, and a good holiday.
Emily Maraina

Dear Santa,
My name is Jarrett Brown and I am 9 years old. I have been awesome this year. I have cleaned my room, I have helped my Nana with some stuff, and I have helped my little cousin read her stories so she can get a new story. Santa will you please bring me this one thing? It is a Razor Scooter. Wlil you please bring it to me.
Jarrett Brown

Dear Santa,
I have ben good this year. I helped mom clean house, I met my AR goal and Math goal and I fed my pets. I made good grades on my report cards and helped with my baby cousin Landon, so I think I should get presents. I want a wii Ds games, Justice clothes, a Dippin dot maker, and an Ipod touch.
Cassie McCoy

Dear Santa,
I was good this year. I’m telling you I really was good this year by doing my chores and brushing my teeth helping my mom and dad. I did my homework, turned in my science project, helped my friends when they were about to get beat up or picked on.  I want Modern Warfar 2 for DsS and a basketball goal and ball. A football tee and Call of Duty: Black Ops and another guitar for Xbox 360.
Sincerely, Christian Shellman

Dear Santa,
I have been extremely good this year. I have been a lot better than last year and I got some Halloween candy for my family. When I was at a gas station, I opened a door for a man that had a lot of stuff. When I went to Athens, I helped with the horses by emptying the buckets. So since I have been so good this is what I want for Christmas.
It is not very much, only two things. I want a DSI and a wii fit. I want a DSI for when we go on long trips. I want a wii fit because it is good for you and it is a video game.
Love, Julia Jackson

Dear Santa,
I have been extremely good this year. I have been listening to my teacher at school, I have been listening to my mom at home, and I have been standing by my mom in public. A couple of things I want for Christmas is a blue DSI and a bike. That’s all I will ask for, or it won’t all fit on your sled! I’ll make sure that I leave you some cookies, millk and some apples for Rudolph!
Your friend, Hailey Hutchinson

Dear Santa,
My name is Zachary Lanier I’m nine years old. I have been especially good this year. I have done all my homework and I have done all the stuff fmy mom and my dad wanted me to do. I gave all my unwanted toys to charity. I’m saving money for Relay for Life. The things I want for Christmas are a compound bow, Nerf stampeed, paint ball gun and a pellet gun.
Love, Zachary Lanier

Dear Santa,
I was Super good this year. I will prove it to you. I cleaned the neighborhood. I made my friend feel better when she was sick. I cleaned the house. So can I pleas have what I want for Christmas/ Here is what I want: I want an electric scooter. I also want a touch screen Ipod and a phone. I want a golf cart and a Tiger cub please. Just kidding! I want kitty. I told you how I deserved is so can I please get my Christmas wish?
Love, Noelle (no last name)

Dear Santa Claus,
This year I was excellent because I helped my mother clean up the entire house for that I want a Zu Zu pet. I gave candy to my family and friends for that I want a cd player. I cleaned my room so my mom does not have to for that I want a dog. Please send the presents to BCES. Thank you.
Sincerely, Brianna Blankenship

Dear Santa
I have been great this year. I have made my bed, I have helped my mom do dishes, cleaned my room, shared my candy with my brother and when I was asked to do something I did it. This is my things I want a psp  fra christmas, flat screen T.V., a dog, a baby guinea pig, a bigger guinea pig cage for my guinea pig, DS3, and a golf cart. 
Thank you Santa,
Garrett joyce

Dear Santa,
I have been excellent this year. Because I haven’t got in to troble yet in school like Iss Oss and getting kick off the bus. I’ve been taking care of my mom because she is pregnant. So, I think I deserve a sniper  rifle airsoft gun.
Love, Tyson Amory
(This one has a drawing)

Dear Jolly Old Saint Nicholas
I was extremely good this year. I deserve to get a lot of stuff this year. When my dad was helping me try to ride my dirt bike, I was good and that took a long time. In fact, I am still trying to learn how to ride it. I want to get a electric guitar and I want I wwant to get a golf cart for my mom. I want an x box 360  and I want to get a PSP.
Kyle Davis

Dear Santa,
I was very good this year so I want a ton of presents. Here’s what I’ve done this year. I’ve helped my moms friends fourwheeler out of the mud, helped my neighbors when there kid was sick, helped my family set up special events and different stuff at church, I also helped my grandma and grandpas cement business, and planted a garden for my mom.
I would like a playstation and a football game for it, my own laptop, a solid gold watch, a belt, a hamster, a cellphone, a signed football, a gun, a bow and arrow, a jacket, a flat screen t.v., and some hunting gear.
Sincerely, Zach Anderson

Dear Santa,
I’ve been extremely godo this year. I’ve cleaned my room. I’ve helped J.J. do his work. I helped my football team cheer up. I met my AR and AM goals. I want the “Xbox 360 Kinect”, “Call of Duty: Black Ops”, “Sonic Colors”, and a telescope.
Love, Terron Dixon

Dear Santa,
I was good this year in school. I met my accelerated math goal, but not my accelerated reader goal. I soon will be able to go out side at school. What I want from Santa is games and a new pool for Christmas.
J.J. Strickland

Dear Santa,
I have been extremely good  this year. Here are some examples. I did chores I mowed the lawn, i helped babysit these kids from a military family, i did my home work and that is all. What i want is an I Pod Touch, a 243 Air SAoft gun and that is all.
Your friend,
Zac McClenny

Dear Santa,
This Christmas, I only want one thing. An iPod Touch. Everything else I want it to go to charity. I would like you to send a bunch of toys to the homeless and toyless. Thank you.
Your friend, Riley Fleener

Dear Santa,
My name is Sierra Nicole Carter. This year for Christmas I would like an Ipad, My year Passbook, led pencils, puzzles, coloring books, DS games, 2011-2012 calendar, and an alarm clock. You don’t have to get me everything on the list, just a few things or maybe just one.
I know how busy you are maybe you can just give me a gutair because my sister broke the one I got last Christmas.
For clothes I would want Aeropostale shirts, some jeans and shorts and some jackets. But, like I said I know how busy you are so you can just give me one thing.
Love, Sierra Nicole Carter

Dear Santa,
I would like to have a hat like my brothers because I think they look really cool. And I would like a pair of orange and lime green nike’s. And I would like to have another pair of knee high boots. And I would like some new earings I want really big hoops but not to big. And, I would really like some really cool knee high socks. And can I please have somemore skinny jeans I want some orange ones because my favorite color is orange. And I would still want a Sugar Gllider. And can I please have some of that hair color I think it looks really cool.
Your friend,
Courtnie Bacon

Dear Santa,
I want an MP3, a new computer, a green bike, more LPS sets, money, new shoes, hole sieris of Dark Diarys, an electric scooter, a DSI, more clothes, more webkinz, webkinz clothes, DS games, a new dollhouse like the one my daddy got me, more Mazzin’ Hampsters.
Have a great Cristmas,
Rosie Walker

Dear Santa,
For christmas I would like aFallout 3 for xbox 360, Red dead redemption:Undead nightmare for xbox 360, Sim 2: pets and Sims 2 for pc (computer). That is all I want.
Eli Threatt

Dear Santa,
My name is Devan Sutherland I’d wish you would come to my house to give me presents. What I want for christmas is a cute puppy. What else I want (here is my list) is a new x-box 360 game (black ops), Guitar Hero, and a Club penguin membership
I hope I get the club penguin membership I will be soo happy if I get it!
Love, Devan S.

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