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Letters to Santa
Area children lay out wishes lists
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Every year, the Bryan County News does what it can to help local kids get their Christmas wish lists to the big man in red. And since we know Santa Claus is always keeping up with what’s going on in Bryan County, we’re printing some letters to him here, in hopes he’ll get the messages in time for Christmas.
These letters are from second-graders at Richmond Hill Elementary School. As proof of their authenticity, the letters are reprinted as they were written:

Dear Santa,
Ho! Ho! Ho! What do I want for Chritsmas? Jolly Happy Santa, I hope you have a jolly Christmas. Also for Christmas could you give me an Ipod 5. I’ll do anything. Its fine if you don’t. You can just (only if you don’t get me an Ipod 5) get me anything.
P.S. Please get me an Ipod 5.
Love your little girl, Emily

Dear Santa
Ho, ho, ho! Will you please get m e a phone, head phones, psp charger.
For prufe I ben good I saved my brother when he was dronding in the pool.
Love, Blake

Dear Santa
You are a good Santa. I want for Christmas, is a Christmas hug for you. I Love You Santa, happy christmas friend and mom and DaD. Love, you Santa.
Love, Jayla

Dear Santa,
I have been very good this year. Some people say you are fake, but I don’t beileve it! Any ways, Merry Chrismas you are probaby going to get another letter from me. It has ever thing I want on it. Happy New
Your jolly felow, Lexi

Dear Santa,
You are the nicest santa. Do you like cookie’s and eat cookie’s? You are the nicest friend. Does Ms. Santa make’s good cookie’s. Thank you for the nicest santa. Thank you for Christmas. Are your reindeer good and cute and nice. yes or no? Have a nice christmas.
Love, Kaitlyn

Dear Santa,
Once I went to the mall I saw you so I took a picture with you in my Christmas Spongebob shirt. But last night two years ago I saw you on a red fire truck giving out rainbow candycanes. So for Christmas I would like Moxie girls with a curly iron, and a bowanarow nerf gun.
Love, Anisah

Dear Santa
I hope I get good presents I like legos too. Christmas is my favorite holiday because you can get something that you really want! and I want a rubber band braslet and its red and black and I want the minecraft game on the xbox 360 and muilty player so can play with my brothers.
Love Enzo

Dear Santa
I know you are busy in you shop working. So I wanted to know if I can tell you a short list. I wanted to have a new doll house. And ... a brazts doll with brazts dolls. Merry Christmas.
Sincerely, Jayla

Dear Santa,
I you are bizy up in the north pole. Is it snowey there. How is Mrs. Claus are you’r elf’s Doing well. Santa I wold like a ravens FootBall uuniform an Disny inFinety for The Wii For Chrismas and legos an can I have a FootBall that has the ravens simbel on it an romot controle airplane. my mom will make very good cookies for you mery chrismas!
Sincerely Joshua

Dear Mr. Claus
I know I have been bad during the year and if you get me a pile of cole I understand. If you still want to get me something all I want for christmas is a bane action figure and a cowboy gun that shoot tiny to plungers. And I want to wish you, Mrs. Claus, the Reindeer and the elves a Marry Christmas!
Sincerly Sandaius

Dear Santa
Santa I think that you make the best toys. I thank that you are the best Santa in the would. I also thank you are the best cookie eater. Also merry Christems. Santa I think want a D.S. and Sifea the first make over kit.
Sincerely Chloe

Dear Santa
I know you are busy making toys with your elves Do you have a bunch of elves? Can you ples git me a green musheen. I wish you a merry christmas!
sincerely Tatum

Dear Santa
I know you are the best. It’s a lot of work for you to go a around the world. It’s a lot of work to make toys too. I promise I will have mik and cookies for you when you come to my house. Sprise me!
Sincerely Harry

Dear Santa Claus,
I know you are busy looking for the Good boys and Girls. But I wanted to tell you I really won’t A American Girl doll. Cheer doll. brown hair. Tell James my Elf to have a mary Christmas.
Sincerely Brooke

Dear Santa
I have ben a good boy. For Christmas I would like a new bike and a slinky. And some Ex box 360 gams. And my mom and dad would like ordumints for the tree. And my brother would like baby formela. And I would like a pogo stick.
Love Alex

Dear Santa
I want fac glasses and a lots for Christmas. Santa can you git a lot of book for my brother and glasses for my mom and dad. Santa can you make me smart. Santa your raindeer are the cute, so cute. Have I ben good or not. Thank you for all of your present and hohos before I go to sleep I will leve some cookies and milk. Ho ho.
Love, Sia

Dear Santa
what I want for Chrismas is a minecraft sword, a minecraft cow and a water gun pack. For my little brother, he wants an air hogs drop strike. For my dad, he wants a xbox one with forza 5. My mom doesn’t want anything. My grandma wants nothing either. If possible, I would like $35.50.
Love Carson
(P.S. I was a goot boy.)

Dear Santa
Have i been noty ore nice? How is your year? How was your day? Santa how is your reindeer? How was Rudolph the red nose reindeer? Is your reindeer behaving? For christmas I would like a tablet with mine craft, minecraft shirt and beneehat, 5 feet motcontroll flying Bone napper, motcontroll car Walking Bumblebee, motcontroll airhogs airplane/20 scooter, Kindle paper whith, Kindle fire and thats all.
to: Santa, from Mattew
your friend, Mattew

Dear Santa
Are you good Please could you get me a airsoft pellat gun. And could you get my mom a gold neckles That has a silver horse on it. And could you get my dad tools. and I will leave raindeer feed in the grass for your raindeer.
love Tanner

Dear Santa
For my family I thank you should get them love from there childeren. I love it when you give love from there childeren. For me and my brother I think you should get us some nerf guns. Because we are going to move to a different house and my dad is going to make me and my brother a tree house.
Love Alicia

Dear Santa
I wood like a exbox one and a pair of Georgea boots and I wood like them under the Christmas tree. a want you give me because last year you gave me a lote me and my sister that we didn’t put on are list but we love that. can you give me and my sister last year and I hope you do that again this year. I hope you have a good Christmas.

Dear santa
thank you for bring one of your elf’s. I’ll be relly, relly good for a good report for you, would you tell an elf to make me a new At-At for chritmas please because my old one is lost.
Love David
for Santa

Dear Santa,
I won’t a babtop for every one to have one and a elf on the self too, And a call of duty blakops2 game Wiiu.
Love Arpan

Dear Santay
May I pleas have a psv. May I pleas have a controler for my xbox 360. I wish that all the kids in the world get one preste. I hope you will’t late me dowe ok. So how are you raindeer doing? how is your wif doing? how are your elfs doing?
Love Caleb

Dear Santa
I want Ninjini from skylander giant. And a girl nerf gun for my sister. Thank you from Tobe.
Thank you Santa,
Love Tobe

Dear Santa
May I  please please please, have a real ghost Barbie? My grandma made me a simler one but I want the one in the magzine. And will you give all the other kids that don’t have any presents at least give ten or twenty. I really want my little sister to have chewes because I aready got her a Rainbow colerd one thats pretty. Thank you very super much!
Sincerly your friend Ella

Dear Santa
I would like a laptop. I want a Furby. I relly want a alive bunny. I would love a guitar. I want all the Magic Tree House books. I would like you to get my mom a new purse and my dad a new ipad case. my sister a new lunchbox.
Love your friend, Sydney

Dear Santa
I need some new peincels for school. I also need my own earaser becuse I am useing my freind’s. My mom needs some more stuff to decorate with. And my dad wants some new books for kids. And my brother just wan ANOTHER! little toy fire-truk. and me...well... I just want some more stuffed horses.
Love Grace

Dear Santa,
Ho, Ho, Ho! What do I want for crismas this year. I think I dezerv lots of prezents ecase I have ben a good girl. Becase I do my chores. Also I help my brother when he gets heart. I have ben a good friend all year. So I wish you could please send me some presents please!
Love Ava

Dear Santa
Hello, I’m Joanna! How are you today? I heard that things are as busy as bees at the North Pole! If you have been to Montreal, Cannada, if so, does it snow? Anyway, this year I would like my family to be happy & safe, that is all I desire. I think I eserve this because my mom just got a new job & her dad is half-alive, my dad’s mom is dead, & my brother’s grade are falling. I just really hope that nex year will be stable.
Sincerly Joanna

Dear Santa
Ho, ho, ho! Santa I really want a Diper Dots maker fo christmas pretty please. I will tell you one reason that why I diserve this toy for christmas. I help my sister when she was cleaning up the house for my mom.
Love Cadence

Dear Santa
Ho, ho, ho, hey theres the jolly fellow! “Hello Santa!” “may i tell you what I would adore to open on Christmas morning?” I would like a Mariposa and Catania doll, and ipad, also a sea trainer doll and a cheerleader doll, another thing I would like is a giraffe and elephant. What I finally would want is for everyone to have a Merry Christmas! I think I have been good but if I haven’t to you I surely understand.
Good luck and love from Kaylee!

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