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Law reports
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Theft by taking

May 30 – A Daniel Siding Road resident reported her gold Citizen watch, valued at $350, as stolen after finding it missing from her home. She said the suspected offender, who works for her, might’ve stolen it, but another man who works for the offender also could’ve been the culprit. While the deputy interviewed the woman, the offender called to say his sister had the watch in her possession.

The sister gave the deputy the watch, saying she had gotten it from her father. The father "gave (the daughter) the watch to keep until someone claimed it," because he "thought (his son) had stolen the watch, so he gave (his son) $10 for the watch so (his son) would not sell it. (The father) wanted the owner of the watch to get the watch back."

The deputy brought the watch to the complainant, who verified it was hers. The deputy questioned the offender, who admitted to finding the watch in the complainant’s hallway and taking it. He was arrested and brought to the jail.



May 30 – Deputies were dispatched to the Parkers on Hwy. 17 after threats were reportedly made. The complainant said he had pulled in to get gas, but all the pumps were occupied. So he parked in a space that was next to a man he "had problems with in the past." The man said the offender "started threatening him for no reason and spit on the window of his truck." The man has already filed reports for similar altercations, he said. When the deputy asked why he hadn’t taken further legal action, he said his attorney had told him not to.

The man reportedly told the deputy he "needed to go speak with (the offender)." The deputy told him the report would be filed and he needed to get in touch with the magistrate judge for additional action. "He then stated, ‘If you don’t talk to him the next time he threatens me, I’ll make it so he will never make another threat,’" the report said. The deputy gave the man a case number and told him how to get a warrant.


Aggravated assault

May 30 – Deputies were alerted there was a fight in progress with the use of a baseball bat on Blue Gill Road.

When the reporting officer arrived, he said he either saw or was told the following: Two men and two women were yelling about the alleged offender who they said had done something wrong and they wanted him to go to jail; one of the men had a wound on his left eye, which was covered with blood so the R/O called for EMS; the injured man said the alleged offender had assaulted him and was hiding in his father’s house next door; next door, the alleged offender was standing outside with a "large contusion under his left eye, a large knot above his left eye and a large red and black area on his left lower back;" and the alleged offender said the other injured man had beat him with a bat.

All four people at the other residence reportedly denied anything happening with a baseball bat. While questioning everyone, the R/O said the situation appeared to be an "ongoing problem between the two men." Details were different on both sides, but the argument appeared to have started with the alleged offender and his ex-girlfriend. When another man came to the woman’s defense, the alleged offender tried to "gouge out his eye," and then that man’s wife hit the alleged offender in the back with a small metal baseball bat. The R/O said after questioning, it was "still unclear as to the location of the fight," but both men required EMS treatment so there was no immediate arrest.



June 2 – The Richmond Hill complainant said a man took everything out of her home and put it in the yard. She said she was staying at her mother’s home for medical reasons and the man had just purchased the trailer and the trailer park she was living in the week prior – but she hadn’t received any eviction notice.

The man said the person he bought the trailer from told him the trailer had been abandoned. The complainant said her neighbors told the man on May 31 that the complainant’s mother had been to the trailer the day before. The complainant also said the previous owner knew she was staying at her mother’s house. She was told to contact the magistrate judge on how to settle the matter.


Attempted burglary

June 4 – While at a church revival, a Pembroke family said their house was broken into. The man said they were gone for about two-and-a-half hours and returned to see a man in the road in front of his residence. "He found where the screen door had been ripped and someone had reached inside and released the hook from the screen door," the report said. "Also, I observed that someone had tried to pry the front door open, the door casing was broken and the door was bent." The complainant said nothing was missing and the deputy said additional patrol would try to watch the area.



June 4 – While traveling west on Hwy. 280, a deputy saw a vehicle make a "very unsafe U-turn." As the patrol car approached the vehicle, the deputy saw the vehicle’s speed "kept rising," so he turned on his speedometer to find the vehicle reportedly driving 71 m.p.h., he also said the vehicle crossed the center lane three times and the fog line twice.

Once the vehicle had been pulled over, the deputy asked the driver if she had been crying. She said yes, her and her husband had been arguing. He asked if she had been drinking and she said she hadn’t, the report said. He asked to step out and perform a field sobriety test, which she reportedly failed. He asked if she had done anything besides just drinking and she told him "she had smoked a ‘big bowl’ because her arthritis was hurting her."

She was arrested and when the deputy searched her car, he found an open Busch beer in the center console. She was taken to the jail, where she reportedly had a .233 BAC.


Criminal damage

June 5 – A complainant went to the BCSO to make a report, saying his family and he own 200 acres off Hwy. 280 east. He said he saw someone damaged the land "by cutting down trees and vegetation, appearing to attempt to clear this property. The size that was damaged was approximately 10x15," the report said. The man also told police that a company called In-Side Media had previously contacted him, asking for permission to clear vegetation.

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