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How about something different for Easter
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Coloring Easter eggs, hiding them and hunting for them has been a holiday staple for generations. Every now and then, however, Easter celebrants desire something different.
There are several different ways to celebrate Easter that don’t have to involve hidden eggs. Try out these ideas for some enjoyment.
• Pin the tail on the Easter bunny: Make a variation on the donkey game by drawing a picture of a bunny. Glue some cotton balls to a piece of cardboard to make tails, using double-sided tape on the back. Spin kids around and have them try to attach the tail
• Treasure hunt: Instead of children racing around to find hidden eggs, parents can draw up a treasure map that takes the children, via different clues, to a special treasure hidden. It could be a chocolate bunny or a basket of treats.
• Who am I? Print Easter-related phrases onto cards that then attach to a headband or hat with a small piece of tape. The person has to guess the word (without seeing what it is) by the clues others provide.
• Relay races: Enjoy any number of outside games, including relay races with the family.
• Fashion show: Little girls can model their Easter bonnets and frilly dresses for a family audience.

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