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Holiday workers find ways to celebrate
xmas worker 2
Chris Youmans is a firefighter and paramedic with Bryan County. He and others who work through the holiday say working Christmas with co-workers is like celebrating with a second family. (Hallie D. Martin)

While many Bryan County residents are tucked away in their homes surrounded by family at Christmas, there will be people working to make sure others are safe.
Police officers, firefighters, emergency medical services personnel and others work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day because crime and emergencies don’t always take a holiday.
Those who can’t stay home say they miss being with their families during the holiday season, but they also say working those two days is necessary and does have its benefits.
“People get hurt,” said Cpl. Stacey Strickland with the Pembroke Police Department. “[We] think about our family – what would happen to ours.”
Strickland said he does miss being at home with his wife and children, but they do coordinate celebrations around his schedule. He worked the day shift on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year.

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