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Help kids get into the Valentine spirit
0209 pink cupcakes
A good activity to get in the spirit of Valentine's Day is baking cupcakes, icing them with pink frosting and decorating them with hearts. - photo by Photo provided.

Valentine’s Day is often a time for adult couples to show their affection. But Valentine’s Day is a fun time for kids, too. Children often hand out and receive Valentine’s Day cards and enjoy sweet treats.
Many elementary school students look forward to classroom Valentine’s Day parties, but the tradition can just as easily take hold at home. Parents who host parties for their children can plan heart-themed soirees with the following tips:
• Let kids make the invitations. Children will get a kick out of making Valentine’s Day invitations for all their friends. Tools of the trade include construction paper, glitter, stickers and any other creative craft accessories. Parents who want to go the extra mile can take their children around the neighborhood to hand-deliver the invitations to their friends.
• Go big with balloons. No kids’ party is complete without balloons, and a Valentine’s Day shindig should include pink, red and white balloons. If time permits, create an archway of balloons at the front door or tie balloons to the mailbox so other parents know where to drop off party guests.
• Don’t forget the candy and cupcakes. Children might have ulterior motives for enjoying Valentine’s Day that go beyond giving and receiving cards. Candy and cupcakes are as much a part of Valentine’s Day for little ones as they are for adults. Chocolate and cupcakes are favorites for people of all ages so be sure to have some on hand for the party.
• Play a few Valentine’s Day-themed games. Instead of standards like “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” spice things up with some new activities. If the weather permits, host a Valentine’s scavenger hunt in the backyard. Include prizes like stickers and, of course, chocolate.
If the weather is too cold for a scavenger hunt, plan other activities that can be done indoors, such as dancing to kids’ favorite music or even letting kids decorate the house themselves with Valentine’s Day-themed decorations they made.
• Accessorize. For the party, purchase heart-shaped plates and red, pink or white utensils for the guests to eat with. For dessert, try serving up a heart-shaped chocolate cake.

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