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This 2 ingredient popsicle is the best way to do breakfast
{berries} - photo by Emily Cummings
Creamy frozen yogurt swirled with bright red strawberries might sound more like dessert than breakfast but that's where you're wrong. Simple to make and even easier to eat, you and your kids are in for an update to the breakfast routine.

Its tough to decide which part of this recipe to highlight. Is it the fact that its only a TWO ingredient meal or it's flexibility? For example, to add more protein, make these with Greek yogurt. If you are a fan of mangoes, switch out the strawberries. Add in some whole blackberries or puree them smooth, add a crunchy middle layer full of granola, or blend all the fruit and yogurt together for a blended popYou get the idea: These popsicles are a cinch to make and allow you and your kids to get creative.

These pops do have to freeze before eating, but they are so simple to make it would be easy to whip up a batch before bed and wake up to a rather pretty and ready-to-eat-on-the-go breakfast.

This is a strawberry and vanilla yogurt pop here, but feel free to mix it up however you like.


2 cups whole strawberries* 16 ounces vanilla yogurt

*You might have some fruit left over depending on the size of your berries, but thats not a problem. Stir the extra puree into lemonade, spread onto toast, or toss into a smoothie.


Equipment: Blender Popsicle molds*

*I've used this model that makes ten 2.5oz pops. Any mold you have on hand will work great, but dont feel like you cant make popsicles without a mold. Paper cups will work wonderfully well too.


Instructions: Wash berries and removed the leafy tops. Toss into the blender and pure until smooth. Next, measure out the yogurt. If you are using a thicker Greek yogurt, you can thin it out with a little milk or juice to make it easier to spoon into the molds.

Put 'em together:

Spoon the fruit and yogurt into the molds until filled.


Fill the mold halfway with yogurt, then the rest with fruit for a half and half pop. Or, try alternating layers by spooning in some berries, switching to a yogurt layer, and finishing with fruit. Try swirling your patterns by slightly stirring the mixture after it is in the mold. Top the mold with a crunchy granola layer, or put a layer of banana slices between the yogurt and strawberries. Really, you are free to do what ever tickles your fancy.

Place popsicle sticks into the mold and freeze until solid (about 4 hours, or overnight).

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