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Celebrate end of summer with bacon cheeseburger
Just a pinch
This bacon-cheeseburger recipe is a good way to say farewell to summer. - photo by Photo provided.

Freda Gable incorporates the flavor of bacon right into her thick, juicy bacon cheeseburgers, and they’ll be perfect for your Labor Day cookout. I bet guests will be lining up for seconds.

Adding beef broth to the burgers makes each one turn out perfectly moist and savory. Try adding more kinds of cheeses, too. That’s always a good idea, right?

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What You Need

1 pound ground sirloin (burger)

1 cup grated cheddar cheese

¼ cup real bacon bits

1½ teaspoons Montreal steak seasoning

¼ cup cold water or beef broth


• Light your grill and allow it to get nice and hot.

• Mix ingredients in order given — beef, grated cheese, bacon, steak seasoning, then liquid.

• Shape into four patties. Make the patties flat, as they plump up when cooked.

• Place on hot grill and cook to preferred doneness.

• Serve as usual with all your favorite trimmings and condiments: lettuce, tomato, onion, etc.

• Enjoy!

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