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Book review: Series offers self-reliance ideas
Caleb Warnock - photo by Rosemarie Howard
Caleb Warnocks series The Backyard Renaissance Collection includes three recently published books: Make Your Own Cheese, Make Your Own Hard Lotion and Make Your Own Thermal Oven.


"MAKE YOUR OWN CHEESE: Self-Sufficient Recipes for Cheddar, Parmesan, Romano, Cream Cheese, Mozzarella, Cottage Cheese and Feta," by Caleb Warnock, Familius, $5.95, 37 pages (nf)

In Make Your Own Cheese, Warnock shares hard-won tips and instructions for creating a variety of cheeses. Starting with a base of homemade kefir and using natural rennet found in a plant called Malva neglecta (commonly called mallow or cheeseweed), easily grown in a backyard garden, he developed recipes for seven different kinds of cheeses that include cheddar, Romano and Parmesan.

Written in conversational first person, this fit-in-your-back-pocket, 37-page book shares proven recipes with clear, easy-to-follow instructions as well as secrets for successfully producing hard cheese at home. Warnock offers free Malva neglecta seeds on his website

The author, who lives in Provo, also owns and has written a number of books, including Forgotten Skills of Self-Sufficiency Used by the Mormon Pioneers, Backyard Winter Gardening for All Climates" and The Art of Baking with Natural Yeast.


"MAKE YOUR OWN HARD LOTION: A Healing Alternative to Traditional Lotions," by Amberlee Rynn and Caleb Warnock, Familius, $5.95, 51 pages (nf)

In her search for toxic chemical-free lotions, chemist Amberlee Rynn discovered that making lotions without water eliminates the need for preservatives. Using simple ingredients beeswax, seed or nut oils and butters, and essential oils Rynn developed recipes for homemade hard lotions, which she shares in Make Your Own Hard Lotion, which she co-authored with Warnock.

Writing in conversational first person, Rynn shares her knowledge of lotion-making ingredients along with easy-to-follow recipes and tips for making several varieties of hard lotions.

Practical ideas for creating a successful small business selling hard lotion bars are included, along with supply sources, definitions and a brief bibliography.

Rynn sells her natural products at and at local farmers markets. She works for the state of Utah as a forensics chemist.


"MAKE YOUR OWN THERMAL OVEN: The Self-Reliant Method for Faster, Fluffier Bread, by Caleb Warnock, Familius, $5.95, 30 pages (nf)

In Make Your Own Thermal Oven: The Self-Reliant Method for Faster, Fluffier Bread, Warnock defines a thermal oven as any kind of insulated container that can be used to cook food, chill food or raise bread. He describes its historic as well as modern-day uses and includes directions for making and using several types of thermal ovens.

Writing in conversational first person, the author describes his experiences researching, creating and using thermal ovens. Black-and-white photos illustrate use of a thermal oven.

Easy-to-follow instructions for creating a natural yeast start along with tips for maintaining it are included. The author offers a free kit for starting natural baking yeast on his website
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