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Worship for yourself and for others
pastor corner

Well, Easter is over. So now we move along with life, right?

Here in Bryan County it is spring break for our teachers and students, so many are traveling this week. That often means that this coming Sunday, following on the heels of such a big day of worship, many of our churches will be emptier than normal.

Can I be blunt with you? The fact is that I do not know the readers of my column the way I know the members of my church family. But I would like to be real with you. I want to encourage you to do something that I think matters greatly.

Your presence in your church is important. I am aware that we all take vacations. I know that sicknesses come. And I know that things happen, both at work and at home, that may preclude you from attending every week.

But again, I say that your attendance matters. First, I believe it matters to God. He tells us in the book of Hebrews not to forsake "the assembling of ourselves together." That tells me that God cares when we gather for worship. He is pleased when we offer him the worship and praise that he deserves.

Then it matters to you and your family. Some folks say they don’t get much from worship. But there is something about hearing the word of God taught and preached, as well as singing songs of worship, that energize you and encourage you. And certainly it benefits your children as well.

Then your attendance matters to your friends and neighbors. They may never say anything, but the fact that you drive away from your home every Sunday is a silent witness to your faith. I assure you that people notice.

And then I want to share one more thing to you. Your attendance matters to your pastor. We are deeply encouraged when we see members of our church eagerly arrive, excited about meeting with God, and happy to share their love with others. It may be a small matter to many of you, but your pastor lives and breathes the things of church. To see the church alive and vibrant is a joy to us.

You may be out of town this week. But may I encourage you to make church attendance a priority in your life. It really does matter.

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