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Why do good people have to suffer?
Sometimes we just have to question why. - photo by Chakell Wardleigh
Have you ever known a great person or a wonderful and kind family who has been grief-stricken with unbearable tragedy? Or perhaps you are a good person who continues to do your best in the world and have found yourself caught in a tangled and messy web of devastation. Have you ever asked, Why do I have to go through this awful time? or Why did they have to go through that horrible experience?

Why do bad things always seem happen to the best people?

Unfortunately, no one on the earth is invincible. We may avoid and protect ourselves from trials, but there always seems to be one Achilles' heel that we cant fully shield from the sharp edges of the world. No one goes through life without a time of deep sorrow, and sorrow can follow a vast multitude of tribulation. Divorce, natural disasters, accidents, abuse, crime, war and terrorism, illness, massacres and death are all a prominent part of the world. Especially within the last century. No matter how wonderful and loving a person is, all of these afflictions cannot be avoided forever.

There are a million reasons why people suffer. From their own decisions, to bad judgment, from the decisions of others, from not taking precautions and from unexplainable moments that happen in a blink of an eye.

But why? Why do these things happen?


No one ever became strong when their load was light. With struggle comes strength and endurance. In times of tragedy, there is a choice to stop and quit or to push forward and reach for the seemingly dimming light. Those who face the most devastating circumstances grow strong in body, mind and spirit. Tribulation brings growth and strength that will continue to support you through times of trouble in the future.


The wisest people are those who have endured and faced many alarming moments in their life. Tragedy teaches and brings knowledge to those who endure it well. The wisdom gained from turbulent moments brings better judgment when considering options in the future and also allows you to guide others who face trials similar to your own. There is no greater comfort than talking to someone who fully understands your pain and confusion. Trials provide wisdom, and wisdom provides logic and guidance in even the most confusing moments.


Throughout our lives, we are constantly waiting for things to happen. There is no doubt that humans have a natural dislike of having to wait. Patience is not something that is easily mastered. Even the most patient person wears thin from time to time. Unfortunately, patience is usually learned in a very difficult way, but when one learns to master patience, it improves the quality of life and the ability to truly feel gratitude. Being patient through devastating times seems to be an impossible task, but this truth will always prove to be true: Good things always come to those who wait.


Trials come in our lives from a variety of different sources. Oftentimes, there is someone to blame for your trials, whether it is yourself or someone else. It is always easier to deal with pain and confusion when there is somewhere or something to place the blame upon. Learning to forgive takes time -- especially if you never received an apology -- but the weight that is lifted off your shoulders is one of the most gratifying sensations you will ever feel. Sometimes it may take years to truly forgive someone for wronging you, but it is one of the greatest lessons anyone can ever take to heart on this earth.


Through devastation comes a trial of our own hope and faith. There may always be circumstances and situations that we cannot fully understand in this life, but one day, everything will make sense. We decide whether to allow bitterness and anger to fester in our hearts or to come closer to God and our loved ones through these unsettling moments. Though the world may disagree, there is always hope. No matter how small that hope is, find it and hold on to it. The sun will always rise after a dark night. No matter what you are going through, do not let your faith fail you. Keep going. Keep walking. Good things will surely come your way.
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