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Who is Jesus Christ to you?
pastor corner

In the gospels, Jesus Christ described himself in several ways by using the heading "I am."

What is interesting is that these two words are the same words used from God in the Old Testament when Moses asked who he should say had sent him to the Israelites.

Jesus said, "I am the bread of life," "the light of the world," "the gate," "the good shepherd," "the resurrection and the life," "the way, the truth and the life," and, finally, "the vine."

If you could summarize all of this, I believe he is saying that he is Savior of the world who can meet mankind’s every need and is the only way to obtain peace with God the Father and to receive eternal life.

The sad fact is that everyone doesn’t believe him. To some, he is just a person who existed in history; for others, just a good teacher or a good man; for still others, just a prophet of God; and for others, a false prophet or a lunatic or a liar.

The truth of the matter is that even though you don’t have to choose to follow him, you must decide who you think he is.

The truth also is that the Scriptures teach that one day, you will humbly stand before him and confess that he is who he said he was, and he will be your judge. Another sad fact is that it will be too late for many.

The good news is that now, while you are still breathing, the opportunity is here for you to receive Jesus Christ as the one who will forgive you of every sin you have committed, will bring peace in your life and will give you eternal life.

The question all goes back to, who is Jesus Christ to you?

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