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Whatever the weather, God will be there
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The other morning as I was driving through Richmond Hill, I noticed a pleasant sight to my left; it was what I can refer to as not Savannah’s famous “waving girl” but Richmond Hill’s own “waving man.”
As I wrote in a previous article, I think it is a great sight to see someone standing, smiling and waving helping you start out your day on a positive note.
I am not saying that I am depending on him for me to have a great day, but it is a thoughtful gesture and definitely can’t hurt.
As I thought about this man I realized that he is only human and cannot always be there. He would not be expected to be out if there was a driving rain storm or of course lightning.
He might not be there if the weather was extremely cold or extremely hot. He would stay in if he was sick or was injured.
There are a lot of reasons why his presence would be absent from his normal location, and the truth of the matter is that if he decided not to ever be there again that would be his business and his decision.
This all got my mind thinking about our heavenly Father who wants to help us get our day started out right. He takes pleasure in His children acknowledging Him each morning and depending on Him all day long.
The big difference that He makes is that there is nothing that will prevent Him from being there for His true children. He says in the Word that He will never leave us nor forsake us and that means that each morning when we open our eyes He will be there. When we go through the struggles of life or experience the joys of this life, He will be there. He says that when we call on Him He will answer.
If you drive through Richmond Hill and spot our “waving man,” respond with a smile or a wave or voice with a thank you.
But don’t forget to respond to the love that God is offering each one of us on His day by day expression.
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