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What is Jesus speaking to you?
pastor corner

This summer I will be teaching on a series of messages titled "Breakfast with Jesus."

The messages will focus on subjects Jesus taught on the most. In other words, what did Jesus teach us about the kingdom, forgiveness, love, money and humility just to name a few.

This idea comes from the fact that Jesus spent a lot of time eating with those in need; taking this opportunity to make sure they were fed spiritually as well as physically.

Likewise, the Lord wants to see those who choose to follow him have their basic needs met, but most importantly he wants to meet our deepest need, which is spiritual in nature.

What we need the most is, first of all, to have our sins forgiven, and by doing so establish a relationship with God, and then to know how we are supposed to live. All of this can be found in the teachings of Jesus.

So, pull up to the table and find out what Jesus has to say to you. In other words, open your Bible and let his words teach you.

Could it be that you need to establish a relationship with God through the forgiveness offered through Jesus, that you need to learn how to forgive someone, or you need to be taught God’s principles of finance?

Whatever the need, Jesus has the answer.

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