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What if 2012 was your final year to live?
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2011 is just about gone and we are heading very quickly into the new year of 2012. We can’t go back and undo the past – we can only make decisions for the future.
We all have only so much time here on earth and some of us have shorter time than others. None of us have a guarantee that we will be alive tomorrow. What if we knew that 2012 was our last year to live here on earth - would it change how we live or affect the choices we make? Would we be more apt to keep our resolutions or promises to change some habits or lifestyle?
Whatever decisions we make, we need to be sure that God gets honor and praise through them.
1 Corinthians 10:31 says, “Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” The most important decision that would bring God honor is to become a follower of his Son Jesus Christ if you haven’t already done so.
If you are a believer, then the most important thing to do is to find out your purpose for being here and follow that path. Just remember: “Only one life, twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.”
God works through the church, and if you don’t have a church home to use your gifts and talents, I encourage you to allow the Lord to direct you to one. Have a blessed new year.

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