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What happens after you die will surprise you
Discover what really happens after you die and what it says about life. - photo by Tiffany Fletcher
Because we are living, breathing beings, we all will die one day. Death is a fact of life that even the smart and rich will experience. It is inevitable.

There has been an age-long debate about what happens after we die, with very little proof to explain it to us. There are, however, hundreds and thousands of near-death stories that are consistent in their explanation of what happens to those who die.

According to Jeffrey Long, a medical doctor who has heard many of these stories first hand, there is scientific evidence showing there is life after death. Long has studied hundreds of cases about people from all walks of life, and every story is nearly identical in its telling, including the stories from young children.

Almost every story includes a bright light, the spirit being lifted from the body, beloved ancestors of the deceased person standing by ready to help and sometimes even Jesus.

These experiences often end with the people being told they need to return to Earth to complete their missions. Many experience remarkable healing upon returning to their body, healing that is difficult to explain by medical doctors.

For many, these experiences are beautiful examples of how God loves His children and teaches them how death doesn't need to be scary.

Death is light

Every near-death experience talks of the presence of bright, beautiful light. Through these experiences, we learn heaven is a place of light and there is no darkness there.

Death is love

Every person, regardless of who they were or what they did in this life, felt overwhelming love. From these stories, we learn heaven is filled with pure love.

Death is not lonely

Many people reported their deceased family members being present when they died, welcoming them to the other side.

Death is peaceful

Many spoke of the peace they felt as they crossed to the other side. As a matter of fact, it was so peaceful that no one really wanted to come back, but their loved ones or even Jesus Himself persuaded them to.

Death is freeing

The pains and ailments of mortal life no longer affected those who died.

As remarkable as it is to learn these lessons about death, these experiences also teach us about living.

Life is purposeful

Many people come back because they still have not fulfilled their purpose here on earth. This teaches us that it is important for all of us to find our purpose for being here and fulfill it to the best of our ability. We can even ask God to help us understand that purpose.

Life is about love

We need to love others just as Jesus loves us in order for this life to mean something.

Life is not lonely

If our ancestors are waiting for us in death, I imagine they are also helping us out in life. We can ask God to send them to help. We can remember we are never alone.

Life is full of miracles

Several people who had near-death experiences were sent back and given the promise that they would be healed. We all can be healed, just as people were healed in Bible times. Believe in these miracles. Life is full of them.

Life is about service

Many people were sent back to earth because they were needed to help others. This life is about doing all we can to help not only ourselves but also others find the way home.

From the stories and experiences of others, we can learn beautiful lessons about both life and death. But I think the most inspiring lesson of all is that these stories teach us that after we die we continue to live.
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