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What happened to sin
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It is really interesting that the media’s No. 1 story the other day was about Prince William and Katie Middleton’s engagement. You couldn’t find an outlet that wasn’t covering this story, as if it was so important.
I had to ask myself, “Why it could be so important to me or any other American unless you were a citizen of Great Britain?” After all they aren’t part of my royal family, or the news is not near as important as a niece or nephew of mine getting married. Maybe I’m not up to date or “in the loop” because I refuse to allow myself to get involved in this frenzy.
Oh well, enough of that. One thing that did grab my attention was how they dealt with the couple’s present relationship. The phrase of “living in sin” kept coming up in relation to their past eight-year sexual relationship. The interesting thing is how it was treated.
Those who had adopted this term were referred to as traditional and were looked upon as out-of-date and were actually made fun of. All of the media that I heard made their present relationship seem normal and acceptable.
What they think about it or what you or I think about it really doesn’t matter a whole lot. The only authority that really matters is God’s, according to his word. From cover to cover, God is pro-marriage and makes it very clear that sex before marriage is a sin.
The Bible calls this fornication and goes on to say that God’s judgment will fall on those who participate in it. I know that in many churches today this is not popular preaching, but preaching about any sin is looked down upon.
The good news is that by trusting in Christ we can get forgiveness from any and all sins. God can take any sinner and turn his or her life around so they desire to please him and obey his word.
He can give us power to resist temptation and can bring the right person into our life so we can have a lasting relationship obeying his rules of marriage.

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