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Weatherman turns embarrassing situation into hilarious stand-up routine
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We all have times in our lives when things don't go according to plan. We lose jobs, illness befalls us or family tragedies strike. But how many of us have dealt with a train wreck on live TV?

One weather man in Arizona, Cory McCloskey, is doing a seemingly ordinary weather forecast when he starts to notice some incredible numbers on his weather map. Instead of becoming flustered or upset, he continues on like a champ. "Wow, 750 degrees in Gila Bend right now. One thousand two hundred seventy in Ahwatukee. Now, I'm not authorized to evacuate Ahwatukee, but this temperature seems pretty high."

He continues, pointing out more outrageous temperature errors like 2,960 degrees in Cave Creek "I think steel boils at about this temperature." His humor just keeps going as he states that there's probably nothing left in Cave Creek. "Don't even bother looting up there. It's not going to be worth it."

McCloskey really made the best out of a bad situation. Going on the fly, he was able to joke and make his audience laugh while remaining completely composed.

Though we may not always be quick-witted and our situations won't always be laughing matters, we can still seek out the positives in bad situations. Though it is clich, turning lemons into lemonade is really a good motto in life. Along with the bitter, there is always sweet even if we have to make it ourselves.

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