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We need rain to fall
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The fact of needing rain is not a news flash to most people; especially to those who have farms and gardens or those who like green lawns.

I think it is appropriate for us to pray regularly for our heavenly Father to send us what we need. Without regular rainfall plants do have a tendency to at least suffer tremendously and eventually could dry up and die.

It’s amazing to watch the effect a little water has on a droopy plant. Also without rainfall the freshwater creeks and rivers would drop and eventually dry up and without it long enough we would not have drinking water and would not be able to exist.

Some of this same truth pertains to our spiritual lives. Without regular practices and disciplines are spiritual lives suffer tremendously.

We must have regular times of prayer and regular times of reading and studying the Bible. We need the regular encouragement of fellow believers and the most common place is at a local church or in a small group.

We need to regularly tell others about what God has done and is doing in our lives.

One of the most important things we can do is to ask God each day to search our lives to see if there is anything that is hindering us from being the person we ought to be.

When God points His finger on them then be willing to confess those mistakes, weaknesses or sins and trust for better days ahead.

It’s a good practice to ask God each day to send us what we need.

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