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Watering the harvest with tears
Pastor's corner
pastor corner

"And when he was come near, he beheld the city, and wept over it."

—Luke 19:41

Do you weep over this sin-ridden world?

The church must learn to cry again. If we are going to follow our savior we must receive inspiration from our text. Verse 42 lets us know he wept audibly because the things needed for the people’s peace was soon to be hidden from their eyes because they rejected him.

Why isn’t the church weeping? I believe today’s church isn’t crying for the sinners of this world because those who say they are in Christ don’t pity sinners, but envy them.

The modern church is after the corruptible, limited riches of this world instead of the riches of Christ. Instead of choosing to suffer affliction with the people of God, as Moses of old, their hearts are set on the throne of Egypt.

Brethren, we will not receive the revival that we desire from heaven unless clergy and lay-person alike are willing to weep over lost souls. There is no lack of churches or denominations in America, but there is a lack of tears. We have heard that real men don’t cry, that tears are a sign of weakness. Was Christ weak? Was Paul weak? Every person who will win souls must have shed tears.

Paul mentions ceasing not to warn night and day with tears. I believe he prayed to God with tears as he said his heart’s desire for Israel was that they might be saved.

He prayed with tears because he saw what Christ saw. He saw the lost men and women, and he knew the answer for their souls was in Christ, but they did not come.

We must ask our Savior to help us see what he saw when he wept over the city. Maybe he looked into the spirit world and saw they were defenseless sheep without a shepherd to protect them in a world full of hungry lions.

He knew that it wasn’t more money they needed, or a bigger house or a better education, but a relationship with the Father more.

Man may get people into a building without tears, but he cannot get them into the body of Christ without tears.

A lady once spoke of her early years in Christ, of how she would weep as her pastor gave the invitation for people to be saved. But finally she became ashamed of her tears because no one else was weeping. She prayed for God to take her tears, so she lost her tears and her soul-winning power. One night she heard a preacher talk about a man who lost his tears and his power and how he asked God to give them back, and God did. This touched her heart, so she went home and prayed for her tears to come back. God gave her tears and soul-winning power. Her husband was converted that night.

Brethren, let us pray God give us back our tears that we may have His power.

Bradeen is the pastor of House of Prayer Christian Church and a member of the United Ministerial Alliance.

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