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Wanting to go home
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This past week I took a vacation with my wife and two of my grand kids. On the way to our destination I heard time and time again, "When are we going to get there?" After over a week being away I think the kids began to get a little homesick. On the way back I heard over and over again, ‘When are we going to get home?"

I think we as Christians have born within us a desire to get to our final home, which is heaven. The Bible tells us not to fall in love with this present world or the things in it but to have our love centered on our creator. If we are not careful it is easy to start to desire riches, possessions and fame which are only temporary. I have even heard Christians make statements that indicate a desire to stay here on earth forever if that were possible.


God allows persecution and suffering to come into our lives at least in part to remind us that this life is not our final destination but only a short journey to the one place that is. I think I have figured out why God has planned for us to get old and feeble and that is so that we will not want to stay here forever. I have sat by many older members who have told me they are ready to go home and weren’t talking about where they lived. They were tired and weak and had made the correct spiritual preparation in order to be admitted into this future place called heaven.


The big question is, "Have you made the right preparations so that you have that desire to go home?"

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